Are Electric Trucks the Future? No, You’re Wrong! Ep.2 (Video)

Are electric pickup trucks in our near future? Roman thinks electric trucks have many benefits and they are just around the corner. Nathan’s take is that electric trucks are far from reality. Check out this fun episode of “No, You’re Wrong!”

First, let’s take survey of the electric pickup trucks manufacturers who are working to get them to market within the next 1-2 years. They are Tesla, Rivian, Bollinger, Workhorse, and Atlis.

Tesla has established itself as an electric car manufacturer with the Model S, Model X, and the Model 3. The latest information we have about a Tesla pickup truck is that the company will show a prototype in the summer of 2019.

Rivian had a coming-out party at the 2018 LA Auto Show in November and showed an R1T prototype. This truck has dimensions of a midsize pickup truck, and promises towing capability of a half-ton, and acceleration of a supercar (0-60 MPH in 3.0 seconds).

Bollinger showed its B1 sport utility truck prototype about a year and half ago. The company also showed a B2 pickup truck since then.

Workhorse is starting to build the W-15 electric truck with a range extender for commercial fleets. The company also hopes to sell trucks for all who want one soon.

Finally, Atlis XT is a full-size truck concept that promises 3/4-ton and 1-ton payload and towing capability with all-electric battery power.

Recently, Ford and General Motors announced their intentions to produce or consider producing all-electric pickup trucks.

Indeed, electric trucks (and cars) have many pros and cons. The torque-rich electric motors are great for moving heavy loads and providing super-quick acceleration. If you have a motor in each wheel, you can get true four-wheel-drive capability without the need for axles or locking differentials. The flat bottom chassis design also offers great ground clearance for off-roading.

However, batteries tent to be very heavy, electric driving range can be very limited when hauling heavy loads or climbing off-road trails, re-charge times can be long, and the charging infrastructure is not readily available.

Naturally, all the companies mentioned here are working on solutions to these problems, and we will likely see a production electric pickup truck within the next two years.

Which side of the argument are you on?

Andre Smirnov is an Automotive Enthusiast, Producer, Reviewer, Videographer, Writer, Software Engineer, Husband, Father, and Friend.