Undisguised New 2019 Ram Heavy Duty Trucks Are Driving Around In Public: What’s Going On?

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New 2019 Ram Power Wagon

We have seen an unusually high number of new redesigned 2019 Ram Heavy Duty pickup trucks running around in public, many of which are barely disguised. Hell, one of our recent finds was (quite obviously) a next-generation 2019 Ram Power Wagon in a grocery store parking lot. [Thanks to our eagle-eye viewer for submitting the images.]

We are pretty sure the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty will debut at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January. You can read about that (here).

Still, it’s puzzling that these trucks are all over the internet with next to no disguise with well over a month before the debut.

While very few facts are known about the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty lineup, we can clearly see that the noses are similar to the newest Ram 1500. We have seen (what we’re pretty sure is) the dually and the Power Wagon, but we have yet to find out what’s new under the skin and under the hood.

These 2019 Ram Heavy Duty pickup trucks appear to have a new nose and tail, but many of the body panels and their overall shape looks familiar to the current models. If that’s the case, do they have new engines and transmissions underneath? Or, are they simply refreshed and partially re-skinned vehicles?

We have heard rumors of updated engines and increased power. There’s been murmuring about an all-new eight-speed transmission and discontinuation of the six-speed manual transmission. Some folks mentioned a fully boxed frame and updated interiors. None of this has been substantiated – they are just rumors.

I suppose we will find out this January when the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty debuts at the 2019 NAIAS (Detroit Auto Show)!

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