Updated: Is the Chevrolet Silverado ZH2 a Potential Raptor or Power Wagon Fighter? (Video)

Besides the hydrogen powerplant, the ZH2 sports a heavy-duty frame and off-road shocks

GM Defense LLC, General Motors’ military defense division, just published new video revealing a heavy duty Chevrolet Silverado ZH2. This is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered Silverado designed for use in military applications. The video shows off several different potential applications for this full-sized hydrogen fuel cell pickup.

It isn’t the first time they’ve been down this road, as we’ve also tested a Chevy Colorado ZH2 last year.

Silverado ZH2 Hydrogen Powerplant

The video is all we currently have on the Silverado ZH2. However, it does reveal some tidbits about the truck’s hydrogen powerplant. We know the hydrogen is stored in three 700-bar tanks. The Chevrolet Hydro-Tec system converts that hydrogen into electricity that is stored in a lithium-ion battery. In total, GM Defense says this setup will allow for 400 miles of range.


  • Hydrotec hydrogen fuel cell is capable of producing 50-100 kW of continuous power (that is up to 134 horsepower). It can recharge in three minutes, and can generate up to two gallons of potable water per hour.
  • Jouletec is a battery pack that is based on automotive applications, but the battery specs are not available.

What kind of Silverado?

The video mentions a ‘heavy-duty’ frame, indicating that this truck may share a frame with the Silverado 2500 HD or 3500 HD. GM Defense shows a sneak peek of the same DSSV MultiMatic position sensitive spool valve shock absorbers. It’s the same type of shock as currently available on the Colorado ZR2, but these Silverado ZH2 shocks will have to handle much higher weight limits than those of the midsize ZR2.

Given the harsh terrain that we can see this ZH2 driving over (in a computer-generated image), we know the ZH2 will be a four-wheel drive setup. We see the ZH2 crawling over rocks, trudging through deep mud, and managing snowy terrain. The snowy section indicates this hydrogen fuel system can withstand harsh temperatures, which is not easy for all electric vehicles.

More Information Coming Soon

That is really all we know for now. GM Defense has not given us a press release with any more specific information at this time. This isn’t actually the first ZH2 we have seen from GM Defense. Back in 2017, we got to see this vehicles smaller sibling, the Colorado ZH2.

This is currently just a military vehicle. But it could pave the way for a full-sized off-road competitor to trucks like the Ford Raptor and Ram Power Wagon. Currently the most off-road worthy Silverado is the 2019 Trail Boss. While this has a good amount of off-road tech, it does not have the same capability as Ford and Ram’s off-road monsters.

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