Is This Toyota Tundra Electric Pizza Truck Foreshadowing the Next Toyota Half-Ton? (SEMA)

toyota tundra pie pro concept truck sema pizza electric truck
Toyota Tundra Pie Pro concept truck (2018 SEMA)

Toyota debuts a hydrogen fuel-cell electric truck that also doubles as a complete pizza kitchen. Toyota teamed up with Pizza Hut for this 2018 SEMA concept truck. It is a fun show truck that draws attention, but what if it could be something more? Could Toyota be hinting at a next-generation of Tundra power plant?

Toyota has hydrogen fuel-cell electric power expertise with the Mirai sedan. Toyota sold over 4,000 Mirai sedans as of September 2018. The system uses hydrogen as the fuel, the fuel cell uses it to produce electricity for the motors (or a pizza kitchen). Water is a byproduct that comes out.

We don’t know yet when the next generation Tundra is coming or whether it will have a fuel-cell power plant in a production form. Toyota has not made any official announcements about it. For now, we will have to simply enjoy the concept truck and the pizza.

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