Can You Key a Toyota Tundra With a Line-X Coating? (Video Demonstration)

2018 toyota tundra project truck
Toyota Tundra project truck w/ Line-X coating

Here is a Toyota Tundra project truck is completed covered with a Line-X Ultra coating. You may be familiar with the spray-in bedliner which is pretty thick and coarse. The bedliner sprays at about 75-125 mils (thousands of an inch). The Ultra has some of the similar protective properties, but it sprays at a much finer 20 mils (thousands of an inch). It means that you can cover a truck’s exterior panel with paint-like precision.

The big question is, can it protect the exterior of a truck from scratches like taking a key to it? We get a close look with this demonstration with a Line-X representative. If it can withstand a key scratch, it will help greatly to protect against tree and bush branches on a narrow off-road trail.

This Tundra is complete project truck, which means it has custom bumpers, suspension, wheels, tires, exhaust system, and a surprise under the hood.

Check out the demonstration below.