Would You Use Off-Road Cruise Control / Auto Crawl Control? (Poll)

2019 F-150 Raptor

Ford is the latest automaker to introduce a new level of automation to its off-road ready Raptor, and we want to find out from you whether or not these systems are actually something you would use. Maybe you already do!

Trail Control is the latest system to hit the market that allows the driver to take their feet off the accelerator and brake and focus on the steering. In the Raptor, the system can be set at speeds from 1 to 20 mph and can only be activated when the truck is in four-wheel drive.

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Toyota was the first brand to introduce this type of off-road cruise control with its Crawl Control setup, but it is focused on slow-speed crawling, only working at speeds up to 5 mph.

Hill-descent control is a lesser version of these systems that can control the trucks braking when coming down a hill, letting you focus on driving. Almost every half-ton truck offers hill descent control now.

These types of off-road cruise control systems can brake individual wheels and redistribute power when the slightest slip is detected, so in a lot of ways, they can be smarter than a human driver.

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But, is that really the spirit of going off-road? Isn’t it supposed to be all about man/machine versus the elements?

We want to know how you feel about these off-road cruise control system? Have you use one? Did you like it?

And most importantly, would you use Crawl Control and Trail Control if you had it? Let us know in the poll below.