Ford F-Vision Electric Semi Truck Concept: Tesla, Eat Your Heart Out!

Ford F-Vision Future Truck Concept Photo: Ford

Here’s the Ford’s F-Vision Future Truck Concept. Ford unveiled the electric semi-truck concept at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Germany. Ford’s F-Vision Future Truck Concept is a self-driving electric tractor built to show what Ford is thinking about the future of commercial trucking – a Level-4 autonomous future, that is. The goal is for the electric truck to drive itself most of the time.

The design itself shows off mirrorless side mounts that hold cameras. The trailer looks as sleek and aerodynamic as the semi truck and (to me) its profile looks more like RoboCop’s helmet.

Photo: Ford

The F-Vision is clearly a design study at this point, as no technical information is available yet. The concept also feature an “interactive front end”. There lower section of the truck can light up in different multicolor patterns.

ford f-vision concept semi truck
photo: Ford

Could we be looking at the future of Ford truck design in general? The F-Vision has large C-shape LED signature lights and a back-lit FORD logo is replacing the usual Ford oval logo.

While Tesla and Daimler (among others) are designing and building electric semi trucks and have at least hinted about their capabilities, Ford’s F-Vision Future Truck Concept is very short on details. There is no technical information about this vehicle whatsoever. Ford wants to tantalize imaginations and they want the world to know that they are serious about electrifying the future.

Photo: Ford

Note: the Ford F-Vision concept truck was shown during the presentation that also revealed the new 2019 Ford F-MAX tractor trailer. This “cab-over” design truck will be available in European and other markets.

2019 ford f-max semi truck tractor trailer
2019 Ford F-MAX

F-MAX is a new name in the Ford’s commercial truck lineup. Ford says they drew the inspiration for the name from the F-Series trucks.

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