Old-School Diesel – 1986 Ford F-250 6.9L IDI: Dude, I Love My Ride! [Video]

They certainly don't make trucks - or diesels - like they used to.

The seventh-generation Ford F-Series – produced from 1979 to 1986 – marked a major departure from previous models.

For the past seventy years, Ford has produced model after model of their F-Series trucks. Now in its thirteenth generation, the truck has become an all too common sight on American roads. Modern Super Duty models have a modern, 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel engine with up to 935 lb-ft of torque. While we thoroughly test modern trucks using challenges like the Ike Gauntlet, it’s worthwhile to occasionally take a step back. Today’s modern trucks are hugely capable, but that means little without a bit of perspective.

1986 Ford F-250 Diesel: Dude, I Love My Ride!
This 1986 Ford F-250 Diesel was among the first generation to use the IDI engine, a predecessor to the modern Power Stroke V8. [Photo: TFLtruck]
Enter a classic F-Series: a 1986 Ford F-250 with a 6.9-liter IDI diesel engine. This truck is over thirty years old by now, so it’s clearly nothing like the F-Series we know today. However, this truck is categorically important to the truck’s 70-year bloodline. This truck was the first to use the International Harvester IDI diesel engine. First in 6.9-liter form, then later upgraded to 7.3 liters, the engine in this truck eventually went on to become the Navistar T44E engine. Ford marketed the unit under the Power Stroke name we know today. Back then, this F-250 used a naturally-aspirated unit that produced 170 horsepower and 338 lb-ft of torque. Ford mated the new engine to a three-speed C6 heavy-duty automatic, a carryover from previous generation F-Series trucks.

This particular F-250 has spent its life in California and Nevada before making its way to Dave Berkovits, the current owner, in Colorado. Take a ride with Andre and Dave as they discuss the history of this 1986 Ford F-250 diesel. Come back to TFLtruck.com for more Dude, I Love My Ride videos! Subscribe to The Fast Lane Truck and TFLnow on YouTube for more news, views and real-world, classic truck reviews.