Midsize Truck Market Is Red Hot in the United States: Take a Look! (June 2018 Sales Report)

Midsize truck sales

Can it be that the Toyota Tacoma grew year-to-date sales by 22.9% for the first half of 2018? Yes, that huge improvement is the one they just reported.  Still, it is not the best improved midsize truck in the United States. That title goes to the Chevy Colorado, which improved by a mind-boggling 38.9% over the first six months. Nissan Frontier is holding on with 41,701 trucks sold in 2018, which is also a 10.3% over the same period last year.

GMC Canyon volume is smaller, but it is also improved this year. The same cannot be said for the Honda Ridgeline. The Ridgeline sales continue to slide down in a significant way.

June 2018 # June 2018/2017 YTD 2018 # YTD 2018/2017 %
Toyota Tacoma 22,296 35.6% 116,266 22.9%
Chevrolet Colorado 13,672 (3-month average) 69,875 38.9%
Nissan Frontier 6,856 -15.8% 41,701 10.3%
GMC Canyon 3,211 (3-month average) 16,848 13.2%
Honda Ridgeline 2,630 -3.7% 14,988 -19.4%

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