Can You Build a Half Price Ford Raptor with Falcon Shocks and Tires? (Video)

ford f150 2018 falcon sport shocks leveling kit adjustable
Ford F150 crew 4×4 with Falcon sport shocks

Is it possible to get a regular Ford F150 4×4 to Ford Raptor levels of off-road performance by simply adding Falcon sport shocks and off-road tires? We went to Falcon Shocks headquarters near Salt Lake City, Utah to test a few trucks and find out.

The Falcon Shocks (sport shocks & leveling) system is available for several most popular half-ton and midsize trucks. We have an opportunity to test it on the 2018 Ford F-150. The system comes in several flavors. There is a kit with just the front and rear shocks and Falcon bump stops. It’s a direct factory shocks replacement kit that also offers the ability for front leveling with up to two-inches of lift. An F-150 version of this kit goes for $1,350 plus installation.

There is another kit that also includes rear adjustable shocks with piggyback reservoirs. There are three levels of damper stiffness adjustment: normal:1, medium:2, and tow/haul:3. The third setting puts the shock into the most firm setting to quickly cushion heavier loads. A system like this goes for $1,550 plus installation. This is the kit we test here.

We put three trucks through their paces: a stock 2018 Ford F-150 crew 4×4, a 2018 F-150 crew 4×4 with Falcon sport shocks and a two-inch front leveling lift to allow for 33-inch all-terrain tires front and back. Finally, there was a stock Ford F150 Raptor.

A new F-150 crew cab 4×4 can be purchased for under $40,000. The one you see in this video came in close to $36,000, according to the guys at Falcon Shocks. A Ford Raptor crew start at over $55,000. A fully optioned Raptor still goes for over $70,000.

Falcon Shocks company claims that these new dampers are able to control the motion of the truck sooner than stock shocks or some other shocks. This should give more stability for towing and offer more confidence off-road. Is that really the case? How do the three of these trucks do with a 7,000 lbs trailer behind them? How do they do on a tough Sunshine Canyon trail in Utah?

Check out the video for all of the details.