Overland Prepping our TFLtruck Hummer H2 – How About a Hammock? [Video]

Recently we updated our TFLtruck Hummer H2, a vehicle we call, “the most hated truck on earth.” Why? Simply put, the Hummer H2 was the poster-child for conspicuous consumption from last decade. It was, along with the Ford Excursion, a thirsty, oversized SUV that served as a status symbol – many hated it.

Roman, our fearless leader, loved it and wanted to turn it into a proper overlanding vehicle. He insisted that the Hummer H2, while being hated in the past, would come back in a big way. Thus, our quest began to add goodies to the (already goody-filled) TFLtruck Hummer H2.

Starting with replacing the worn-out old tires with BFGoodrich mud terrains, replacing the MAF sensor, and repairing a few components, it was time for step two. We opted to go the less weighty and less obvious route, we increased our storage capacity by using a large rooftop storage pod specifically made for the Hummer brand. It was a snap to install.

We sized-up the interior and found that, with an air mattress, Andre could sleep comfy inside. As for an extra bed, we had something else in mind.

We installed a Hitch-Hammock (Hitch-Hammock.com) which is a two-in-one device that gives you a hitch-mounted platform to carry items (coolers and gas-cans) and a special mount to hang up a hammock. We tested it out and it worked as advertised.

In this video, you’ll see Andre and Nathan add these new goodies to the TFLtruck Hummer H2 as another step is placed as we countdown the days to our Overlanding Expo trip in Flagstaff, Arizona. We hope to add a few more videos as we continue to prep the TFLtruck Hummer H2 for this event. It’s going to be epic!

Join us May 18 – 20, 2018 for the Overland Expo West is at Ft. Tuthill County Park, Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

Enjoy the video!

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