Top 10 Most Efficient Trucks: Towing a 7,000 Lbs Trailer on a 100-Mile Highway Loop

Which truck or full-size SUV is the most efficient at towing a 7,000 lbs trailer at 70 MPH on our 100-mile highway efficiency loop? We tested more than a dozen trucks with this identical trailer on the I-76 interstate loop. It’s time to list all of them in one place to figure out how each one stacks up against the other.

As of July 18th, 2016, we changed the rules for our highway towing MPG tests. We got a new 20-foot CM Trailers Cargo Mate and loaded it to a total of 7,000 lbs. This trailer and weight is typical to you want you are towing on your upcoming camping adventure or getting to your next job site.

All of the pickups tested here were crew cab trucks with 4WD. All SUVs were also equipped with 4×4 systems, but we run all trucks in 2WD (rear-wheel-drive mode) and with Tow/Haul driving mode enabled.

Engine  Transmission Towing MPG 
2017 Ram 1500 3.0L turbo-diesel V6 8-speed Auto 13.3
2017 Land Rover Discovery 3.0L turbo-diesel V6 8-speed Auto 12.9
2016 Nissan Titan XD 5.0L turbo-diesel V8 6-speed Auto 10.7
2017 Chevy Silverado 1500 6.2L gas V8 8-speed Auto 10.6
2016 Nissan Titan XD 5.6L gas V8 7-speed Auto 9.6
2017 Ford F-150 3.5L twin-turbo V6 10-speed Auto 9.1
2018 GMC Yukon XL 6.2L V8 10-speed Auto 9.1
2017 Nissan Titan 1500 5.6L gas V8 7-speed Auto 8.6
2016 Ford F-150 3.5L twin-turbo V6 6-speed Auto 8.5
2017 Ford Raptor 3.5L twin-turbo V6 10-speed Auto 8.4

The Ram 1500 EcoDiesel V6 is currently the king of highway towing efficiency. Will the upcoming 2018 Ford F-150 Power Stroke diesel be able to beat it? We will find out very soon.