Ford Uncovered: What’s Under the Cover? Our Best Look Yet at the New Ford Bronco [News]

New Ford Bronco - Ford Uncovered
[Photo: Ford]

Ford isn’t quite ready to take the wraps off the new Bronco just yet, but we can make out the shape from this covered photo.

In the next two years, Ford is waging an out-and-out assault on the SUV market. There are two completely new SUVs coming – a small off-roader and a battery electric crossover, then there’s this. It’s the truck everyone’s been waiting to see – the new Ford Bronco. It’s been over two decades since the nameplate left the market, and now it’s coming back for the 2020 model year.

The new Ford Bronco is based on the impending Ranger – which will debut in 2019 – and giving it a butch, blocky shape, akin to the old Broncos. This is all we can see at the moment, as I went to Detroit to learn about Ford’s product lineup over the next two years. While the company took the wraps off some new models, the Bronco wasn’t one of them. Ford knows the hype surrounding this truck’s return, and they aren’t ready to break their silence just yet. It does serve as an interesting stablemate to their smaller, yet-to-be-named SUV that will be, by Ford’s statement, “a true off-roader”.

Ford Uncovered: New small SUV (yet to be named)
[Photo: Ford]
There’s no word on which powertrains will end up under the hood of their small SUV or the new Ford Bronco. However, we’d expect similar powertrains to what’s in Ford’s most recent products. In other words, the smaller model may get the same 2.3-liter (or smaller) EcoBoost engine coming in the new Ranger. The Bronco, on the other hand, may get a larger EcoBoost, such as the twin-turbo 2.7-liter EcoBoost in the upcoming Edge ST. That’s purely speculation at this point, as Ford is not confirming any official specs at this point. Nevertheless, a major nameplate will charge into Ford showrooms by 2020, and that’s an exciting prospect.

Stay tuned to for more information, as it becomes available.