Driven: The Jeep Sandstorm Concept – Hinting at the Future? [Video]


jeep truck sandstorm

The Jeep Sandstorm concept is based on a Wrangler platform; however, it has a much longer wheelbase as it is built for a long-travel suspension like the ones used in Baja racing. This is new territory for Jeep as they usually stick to crawling off-roading and leave the high-speed desert running to trucks and buggies. Not any more. They smiled as they spoke of the upgrades, constantly hinting that we will hear more about this rig in the near future.

Could Jeep be a factory sponsor a Baja or Dakar Jeep racing team in the future? Why not?!

More importantly to many of you, the Jeep Sandstorm concept is more of a truck than a Wrangler, at least in terms of wheelbase and look. Even the Jeep guys called it a “truck.” When you drive it, the overall sensation feels a bit truck-like around dirt corners, it needs a little extra space to turn due to that wheelbase.

When you watch this video, you’ll notice that, despite having a beefy HEMI, we took it easy on the Jeep Sandstorm concept. That’s because they asked us to. Honestly, Roman had to physically restrain me off-camera when I began to get freaky with the accelerator.

I’m sure many of you can sympathise.

Enjoy the video!

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