Come Ride With Me! Daily Life with a Lifted Jeep Wrangler JK (Video)

Welcome back to another installment of our new series Come Ride With Me! This series shows you exactly what it is like to live with a vehicle. On this episode we take a look at Tommy’s own personal vehicle, a lifted 2016 Jeep Wrangler Sport that has seen a number of mild and also wild modifications.

Visual Mods and Accessories

Many of Tommy’s modifications on his Jeep are aesthetic mods. He has a set of Bestop front and rear steel bumpers to replace the plastic ones that came stock from Jeep. On the front bumper is a pair of Rugged Ridge LED lights as well as a beefy Warn winch. The soft-top was also provided to us by Bestop, giving Tommy easy access to the great outdoors. One of the more recent additions was the new spare wheel mount for the tailgate from Rugged Ridge. Now that he has an upgraded spare mount, he is able to carry a full-size 35″ spare tire at all times, perfect for going off-road.

Performance Mods

Two of the most significant mods to this JK have to be the 35″ Firestone tires and the Teraflex lift kit. The tires are Firestone Destination MT 2s, which are 35″ diameter as I mentioned before. This, alongside the Teraflex CT3 Alpine lift kit helped to add around 4-5″ of ground clearance to Tommy’s Jeep. While this has made the Jeep even more capable off road, there have been some drawbacks for day-to-day usage.

Daily Life

As you would expect with a lift and bigger tires, fuel mileage has gone down by roughly 1 MPG (from 17 to 16). Furthermore, it has gotten noticeably harder to get in and out of the Jeep, especially for the rear seat passengers. However, ride quality is still there and the off-road performance more than makes up for it.

To see what else Tommy has to say about daily life with his Jeep Wrangler JK, be sure to watch the whole video. Also be sure to stay tuned to TFLtruck and TFLnow for more episodes of Come Ride With Me!