Come Ride With Me! Here’s a Sneak Peek at TFL’s New 2018 Video Series

    Happy Early New Year! For 2018 we’re producing a new video series on  TFLnow YouTube channel. It’s called, “Come Ride with Me!” We’ll be publishing the pilot episode this weekend. But first we wanted to give you a Sneak Peek at this new original TFL video series and get your opinion.

    The idea is to take the viewer (you) along for a first person drive in one of TFL’s classic test cars or trucks or (coming soon) one of the weekly new test cars or trucks. In this first episode we’re featuring a classic 1985 Chevy K10. We’ve started with a TFL staff favorite: Big Green. Tommy Mica (who also came up with the video series idea) is the host of this first episode. Check it out below for an early look at what we’re hoping is unique and different way for you to be part of the TFL family and drive our cars and trucks virtually. If this video format works we hope to expand the series into a full virtual reality video.

    Also, if you like the idea and the concept of the video, we will also expand it to new cars and trucks as well as classic vehicles.

    Do you like the first person format? Do you like the execution? Do you like the length of the video? What other things would you like to see in this new series? We’ve made this video very much in the garage band tradition. In other words, there’s very little editing and very little production. The idea is to keep it raw and real in the best TFL real world tradition. This means there’s not a lot of the typical “Top Gear” (or is it “Grand Tourer” now) restaurant sheen that makes a video feel planned and very produced.

    We would love to get your opinion before we produce the next episode so that we can incorporate your suggestions into the rest of the series.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and suggestions in the comments below. Thank you for watching!

    Happy New Year and Keep on Truckin’!

    Roman Mica is a columnist, journalist, and author, who spent his early years driving fast on the German autobahn. When he’s not reviewing cars or producing videos, you can find him training for triathlons and writing about endurance sports for as our sister blog’s publisher. Mica is a former broadcast reporter with his Master’s Degree in journalism from Northwestern University.