Big Green Chevy K10 vs Dodgezilla Ram 1500: Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Rematch (Video)

Big Green vs Dodgezilla

We took a 1994 second generation Dodge Ram 1500 and a 1985 Chevy K10 up to the Gold Mine Hill mountain trail for a rematch between Roman’s “Big Green” and Mr Truck’s “Dodgezilla” project trucks. Previously on Gold Mine Hill, Dodgezilla suffered defeat due to a failure of the 4-wheel-drive system. The Dodge Ram is back for a shot at redemption.

Mr Truck’s 318 cu-in V8, Dodgezilla, has headers, new exhaust, redone steering and of course, a functioning 4-wheel-drive system. It might also appear a bit different, Mr Truck applied a healthy coat of black bed-liner to the exterior of the Ram to prepare it for rough off-roading. Roman’s “Big Green” has had a new Chevy 350 ZZ6 installed to produce 405 horsepower and a menacing tone from a Magnaflow exhaust system. Big Green with locking hubs pulled up Gold Mine Hill, however, lacked ultimate potential with the open differentials. Dodgezilla managed to keep it interesting and made it up stages one, two, and three – redeeming the truck, thanks to a cooperating 4-wheel-drive.

Both trucks performed and each one made it up the hill, all while producing a mean sound from custom exhaust systems. Which one topped the other?

Please check out the video below and comment who you thought deserved the win.