Old vs Older: Dodgezilla Ram 1500 vs Big Green Chevy K10 on the Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Review (Video)

1994 dodgezilla ram dodge big green chevy k10
Dodgezilla and Big Green : off-road comparison

It’s finally time for Dodgezilla (Dodge Ram 1500) and Big Green (Chevy K10) to stretch their legs on our Gold Mine Hill off-road trail. We have spent several months working on our trucks.

MrTruck went through every part of his 1994 Dodge Ram 1500 aka. Dodgezilla Overkill. It has new injectors, an Overkill rebuilt automatic transmission that could handle crazy amount of power and torque. Although, under the hood is a standard 318 cu-in V8. Dodgezilla has a suspension lift and a body lift that should enable it to climb over tough obstacles.

We have added FiTech throttle-body fuel injection to the Chevy Performance ZZ6 crate engine. Big Green has a suspension lift and beefy off-road tires to get the job done off-road. We are still running a stock 4-speed manual transmission and original transfer case.

We have been getting a lot of rain recently, and the Gold Mine Hill trail (just west of Boulder, Colorado near Switzerland Trail) gets more challenging and slick with rain.

How will our project trucks perform? Take a look at the video, as only one truck makes it to the top.