Report: Next 2019 Nissan Frontier is Coming, Built in Mississippi (News)

2018 2019 nissan frontier navara
2017 Nissan Navara

A recent report states the Nissan will produce the next generation Nissan Frontier at its Canton, Mississippi manufacturing facility. The new truck is reportedly coming in “about a year” from now. We have been waiting and wondering about the next generation of Nissan’s midsize truck.

If it’s coming in a year from now, then it could very possibly be a 2019 Nissan Frontier. Nissan did not disclose any specifications about the upcoming truck. The upgraded Nissan Navar and N300 have been selling in other world markets for some time now. Nissan is still successful with the current generation Frontier in the United States.

We expect the next Frontier to offer all of the latest safety and driver assistance technologies. It will likely have a fully redesigned interior and exterior design. The truck will likely look similar to the Navara pickup from overseas, although there is no official word one way or another.

We look forward to more details about the next generation of the Frontier pickup. It will have to face much tougher competition in about year with the new Ford Ranger (and later) Jeep Scrambler (Wrangler pickup).

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