Humvee Never Had a Chance! We Drive US Military’s New Off-Road Beast! (Video)

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Meet JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle)

The Humvee military truck is at the end of its lifetime. It has served the United States military well over the last three decades. New times call for a different 4×4 troop and cargo vehicle. There is a new sheriff in town! The name is Joint Light tactical Vehicle (JLTV), and it is officially the Humvee’s replacement.

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Humvee, JLTV, and M-ATV

What is the JLTV and what is it capable of? You will likely be surprised how many specs are available to the public. It is an armored 4×4 vehicle that is meant to carry troops, weapon systems, and cargo.

Under the hood of the JLTV is a 6.6L V8 turbo-diesel engine that has been modified and tuned by Gale Banks Engineering. Yes, this engine is very similar to the 6.6L Duramax you will find in Chevy Silverado HD or a GMC Sierra HD pickup trucks. It is tuned to accept different grades of military diesel fuels. It also satisfies U.S. military’s specific efficiency and power output requirements. Oshkosh Defense said the engine is currently rated at 340 horsepower. The torque figure is classified. This diesel can be re-flashed later to bump up the power (if or when needed).

JLTV and M-ATV by Oshkosh Defense

Various configurations of the JLTV have a payload rating between 3,500 – 5,000 lbs. The massive tires are suspended by a clever adjustable suspension that allows for up to 20 inches of wheel travel. The vehicle can “kneel” for ease of transport.

JLTV production is currently in full swing, and one of these trucks will start at seemingly reasonable $250,000.

Roman flew to the Oshkosh Defense facility in Wisconsin for a chance to see many of the latest off-road vehicles, and to drive the JLTV. Opportunities like this do not present themselves very often. Big thanks to the Oshkosh Defense team for making this happen.

Roman was able to evaluate a Humvee, a JLTV, and a M-ATV back to back at an off-road facility! How does the JLTV drive? You can watch all of the unclassified details in the video below.

Give JLTV a Nickname!

Any cool vehicle deserves a proper nickname, and the JLTV is no exception. Please use the comments section below to provide your feedback.  We will pick some of the more popular names and create a poll out of it for voting. We will send it back to Oshkosh Defense for consideration. How about “Jolt” or “Juggernaut”?

Check out TFLtruck Youtube channel for the video!