How Much Can My Lifted Truck Tow? Ask MrTruck (Video)

2018 gmc sierra hd denali
GMC Sierra HD Denali

How much can my lifted truck tow? What a great and important question!

Manufacturers carefully define the payload and towing capability of every truck configuration that they sell. Most of us like to modify our trucks, and that includes giving the suspension a lift. There are many factors that go into defining how much any given pickup can haul or tow: chassis/frame, suspension, brakes, power output, driveline components, differential gear ratios, tires, and more. If you modify or replace any of the components, the weight rating will change. The answer depends on the aftermarket manufacturer. Is the new suspension system rated for the same Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) as the stock truck? It could be rated lower or higher. Do the new tires have an appropriate rating? A lifted truck has a higher center of gravity, so there will be more side-to-side motion when towing going around corners under load. The amount of suspension squat may also be different from stock.

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