Are These 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor (and Bronco) Prototypes on a Public Road? (Spied)

2020 ford ranger raptor prototype caught in the wild
2020 Ford Ranger Raptor prototype (Photo credit: Emily & Madison Dilley)

Is the next “Baby Raptor” prototype testing on public roads? It sure appears to be an off-road version of the next 2020 Ford Ranger with the highly anticipated Raptor off-road package. It’s wearing full camouflage, It has beefy off-road tires and Raptor-style painted rims. This prototype is also seating a little higher off the ground than some of the other Ranger prototypes that we have seen.

All images in this post come courtesy of Emily and Madison Dilley. Thank you!

This Ford Ranger prototype was not alone. Take a look at the modified and lightly camouflaged Ford Everest SUV that was running interference between the Ranger pickup and our photographers.

2020 ford bronco spy
Is this Everest an early prototype for the upcoming Ford Bronco?

Our wild guess is that this right-hand drive Everest 4×4 SUV is either a refresh to the Everest itself, or a very early powertrain test vehicle for the upcoming Ford Bronco. We don’t know for sure what the 2020 Ford Bronco will look like, but we hope it’s more boxy and rugged looking.

Enjoy more of these great Ranger prototype images.

Here are is another one of the SUV.

Here a video of another 2019 Ford Ranger prototype.