Check out 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel Prototypes Tow Testing in the Mountains [Video Prototype Hunting]

2018 ford f150 diesel towing trailer spy
Is this a 2018 Ford F-150 diesel prototype

Ford is serious about providing more power choices for the Ford F-150. The 2017 F-150 has four engine options, and Ford is adding a fifth for the updated 2018 model. It will be the 3.0L turbo-diesel V6 that Ford produces in Europe. Ford is giving the F-150 a bit of a facelift for 2018 with new headlight and grille design. Check out the two white trucks that are parked next to the truck with the trailer. They have the new 2018 styling. The design update includes new tail lights and a tailgate with an “F-150” stamped into the bottom of it.

Why do we think that Ford is testing a turbo-diesel? The exhaust tail pipe with the air vents in unique to the trucks with a diesel. Modern turbo-diesel engines use “regen” mode to heat up the exhaust system and burn off extra particulates for improved emissions. Manufacturers use different air inlets on the exhaust tip to help cool the exhaust gases as they leave the system.

The other big news about the 2018 F-150 update is that all of the engines get design updates, rumored power increases, and 10-speed automatic transmission options. Yep, you will be able to get a 2018 Ford F-150 with an updated 5.0-liter V8 and a 10-speed automatic. That will be an intriguing combination.

Check out this video about all of the 2018 F-150 engine options.

It’s interesting to see these prototypes testing in the Colorado mountains, because this is exactly where we put all the trucks on the Ike Gauntlet – World’s Toughest Towing Test.

Check out the Ford F150 prototypes in the video below.