Super Raptor or Mega Raptor? How about a Ford F250 Super Duty with Raptor Flair! [Video]

Super Raptor or Mega Raptor by

What happens when you take a Ford F-250 Super Duty, replace front and rear clips, make the truck about a foot wider with customized suspension, and put it on either 40-inch or 46-inch tall tires? If you are the guys at in Tucson, AZ – you get either a Super Raptor or a Mega Raptor!

Yikes! These customized trucks are something to behold. Our very own Roman Mica went down to Arizona to check out these wild creations. Turns out all you need to do is provide your own Ford F-250. A Super Raptor is the one riding on 40-inch tires. This suspension and body package will set you back about $22,000. If that is too small for you, then go for the Mega raptor on 46-inchers. This package is priced at $28,000.

Check out these giant trucks here!