Is This a New 2018 Ram HD Diesel? Get a Closer Look at the Exhaust System [Spied]

2018 ram hd 3500 dually cummins diesel spy prototype specs
2018 Ram HD prototype (by Shaun R.)

Cummins and Ram continue to test upgrades to the 6.7L straight-six diesel engine. This masked prototype was caught in Indianapolis, IN by Shaun R. Thank you Shaun!

When will Ram release the upgraded HD truck lineup? Will it be the 2018 model year? How much power and torque will the updated turbo-diesel have? These details are not yet known.

Take a closer look at the exhaust system in this image. Emissions from diesel pickup trucks is a hot topic right now.  The big challenge is producing big power and keeping emissions under control.

It’s safe to assume that the next version of the Cummins engine in the Ram HD will make at least 930 lb-ft of torque. The torque wars are in full swing, and Ford Super Duty is the current leader on torque with 925 lb-ft.

Here is our Prototype Hunting video from 2016 of the masked trucks testing at high altitude.