2017 Ford Raptor: Comprehensive Guide to Maximum Towing and Payload Specs

2017 Ford Raptor

What do you care about the most when considering the all-new 2017 Ford Raptor? Chances are you are looking at the Fox Racing off-road shocks, wheel travel, locking differentials, approach/departure angles, tires, and many more off-road features and components. What if you want to bring five people and a trailer full of dirt bikes or a couple of snowmobiles on your next adventure? Maximum payload and towing specs are often forgotten or overlooked when dealing with a specialty off-road truck, such as the Ford Raptor. Payload and towing limits are important to driving safety and long-term durability of the truck and its suspension. Those 3-inch diameter Fox Racing shocks are expensive and overloading them will shorten their life.

Turns out, finding the 2017 Ford Raptor maximum payload and towing ratings is not that easy. These specs are not readily available at www.ford.com, media.ford.com, or Ford’s towing guides. This is another reason we wanted to put all of the specifications here.

Maximum payload is the amount of weight (people, cargo, and/or trailer tongue weight) the truck is rated to safely handle.

2017 Ford Raptor Super Cab

Maximum payload weight: 1,000 lbs

Maximum trailer weight: 6,000 lbs (with a weight distributing hitch, see table below).

GCWR: 12,000 lbs

2017 Ford Raptor Super Crew Cab

Maximum payload weight: 1,200 lbs

Maximum trailer weight: 8,000 lbs (with a weight distributing hitch, see table below).

GCWR: 14,250 lbs

What does this mean in the real world? If you have a 2017 Raptor Super Crew, and you are towing an 8,000 lbs trailer (with 800 lbs of tongue weight), then you can add up to 400 lbs of weight (people and/or cargo). All together, truck + trailer + people + cargo cannot exceed the GCWR, which is 14,250 lbs for the Raptor crew cab.

In general, the fancy suspension on the specialty off-road trucks does limit the payload and towing capabilities. This is not just the case with the Raptor. The payload/towing capability decrease is similar with the Ram Power Wagon, Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, and many others.

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2017 Ford Raptor Towing Specs

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