How Reliable is the Ford Raptor? 2014 Raptor Long-Term Update [Video]

2014 ford svt raptor
2014 Ford Raptor

How reliable is the Ford Raptor? This is a final update on our TFLtruck long-term 2014 Ford Raptor. It’s been three years and around 44,000 miles since we picked up the Raptor at a local dealer. Since then, the truck has crossed the country twice, towed its maximum load up the Ike Gauntlet, towed our Tatra 603 project car to Pebble Beach and back, ran up and down countless off-road trail of Moab and Colorado Rocky Mountains, and served a basis of Project Raptor.

So what were the top 5 issues that occurred over this term? There was the failed telescoping mechanism on the steering wheel column and a failed trailer brake controller, which were both fixed under warranty.

We also had a few issues with the aftermarket components. The control module mounting bracket on the Smittybilt winch rusted within a year of us getting it installed. The aftermarket brake rotors and pads were used up within 30,000 miles. The tonneau cover has held up very well.

Get all the details in the video below.