2016 Toyota Hilux Fails the Moose Test

2016 toyota hilux moose test fail roll over
2016 Toyota Hilux

Teknikens Värld publication has completed the next batch of “Moose Test” procedures. The Moose Test is a sudden lane change evasive maneuver, the one you might do if you were surprised by a moose in the middle of the roadway. The outlet tested several midsize and full-size pickup trucks that included the Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara, and the VW Amarok.

The company uses closely spaced cones to set up the test. The slalom is run at speeds between 37 – 42 MPH. The Toyota Hilux with the 18-in wheels was the one that exhibited a tendency to lift the two wheels and begin a dangerous roll-over. The experienced test driver was able to counter steer and bring the truck under control. Mitsubishi L200 pickup was another vehicle that showed excessive roll at 41 MPH, but it was not as extreme as in the Hilux.

The outlet also tested a Hilux with the 17-in wheels. Surprisingly, this improved the results, but the Hilux still lifted the two wheels. The result was explained by less grip from the 17-in tires.

We find the Hilux performance in this test surprising, because the stability and traction control software should be able to counteract the excessive lean. We have never tested the Toyota Hilux, so we cannot provide a more detailed response.

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According to Teknikens Värld, here is Toyota of Sweden response:

Based on all the tests carried out during development, we are confident that the Toyota Hilux is a safe vehicle. As we understand, you have performed an evasive maneuver test according to your magazine testing protocols on several pickups, including the Toyota Hilux. You have informed us that the Toyota Hilux is not living up to your expectations. We were surprised by the test result, and we will take your evaluation very seriously, in the same serious way we do with the capacity for evasive maneuvers in the development of our vehicles. Hilux has been repeatedly tested according to the ISO 3888 standard for evasive maneuver tests during the development of the model and then it passed the tests successfully. Several technical parameters have an impact on the outcome of an evasive maneuver, so we want to better understand the exact parameters for your test.

Bengt Dalström, General Manager
External Affairs/PR, Toyota Sweden AB

Here is the video summary of the testing.