What Does a Toyota Tundra with 1,000,000 Miles on it Look Like? We Have the Video

Toyota has long had a reputation for reliable vehicles – perhaps the best in the industry, depending on who you ask. Toyota fan boys now have another arrow in their quiver when arguing that their brand makes the toughest trucks. Toyota asked the owner of the truck if he would like to exchange it for a brand new Tundra, free of charge, so the company could break the vehicle down to study the wear on its components. The owner, of course, accepted. While we first heard of the million mile Tundra a couple of months ago, Andre had a chance to go see the truck in person at its home at the Toyota truck plant in San Antonio, Texas.

2007 toyota tundra v8 million miles

The subject is a 2007 Tundra with the 4.7L V8. It was used by the Louisiana owner to haul equipment for the oil industry so it was regularly used for its intended purpose of towing and hauling. Just look at the bed for proof. Over the course of its lifetime the truck received little more than routine maintenance, including over 115 oil changes. The biggest malfunction of the Tundra was the loss of reverse gear at 770k miles. Other than that, it was pretty much business as usual.

What’s surprising is the relatively good condition both the exterior and interior of the truck are still in. Check out the video to see the truck and get an interview with the Chief Engineer for Tundra and Tacoma, Mike Sweers.

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