GMC Sierra gets optional Trailering Cameras and Gooseneck Hitch [News]

GMC Sierra Trailering Prep Package

GMC will be offering new trailering prep packages for the Sierra and Sierra HD trucks. For half-ton Sierras and Sierra HD models, consumers can get an optional trailering camera system produced by third-party Echomaster. This is basically the same system that made debut on the Chevy Silverado trucks a couple of month ago.

The system – compatible with 2014 to 2016 model year trucks with DPN- or DQS-code trailer mirrors – has three cameras: two for side views and one for the rear of the trailer. The side cameras are integrated into the trailer mirror housings while the rear facing camera is meant to be mounted at the rearmost edge of the trailer. It’s hardwired to the trailer lights for power and transmits images wirelessly to the truck. There is also an optional fourth camera that can be mounted inside the trailer to keep tabs on your payload. Any of the camera views can been accessed at any time via the truck’s display unit. The camera system is $999 before tax and installation and is covered under warranty by Echomaster.

In addition to the optional trailering camera system, 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty Sierra trucks can now be fitted at the factory with a gooseneck “prep package” that includes a frame-mounted hitch platform and tray for a gooseneck ball hitch or fifth-wheel hitch mounting brackets. That will set you back $350. To complete the gooseneck prep package you’ll need to come up with another $315 for the “gooseneck completion kit”. The completion kit comes with a 2-5/16-inch ball and two chain tie-downs.

“GMC’s reputation was forged on the ability to perform heavy work with a premium touch, and these new options do more to make that work comfortable and confident,” said Sierra Marketing Manager Stuart Pierce. “With a 112-year legacy of professional-grade trucks behind them, the entire Sierra lineup handles the toughest tasks with the utmost ease.”

If you’re interested in a Sierra HD, check out this video of the 2016 Sierra Denali HD vs. Andre Smirnov’s own 2002 Silverado HD.