The Top 3 Fastest 0-60 MPH Pickup Trucks – TFLtruck Tested

2016 gmc sierra pickup truck 0-60 mph acceleration
2016 GMC Sierra 6.2L V8

Pickup trucks are versatile machines. They carry people in comfort, haul and tow heavy loads, and they can also be fun to drive. What kind of fun? How about hitting the go-pedal, hearing the deep engine rumble, and beating a few people at a stop light or down a highway on-ramp.

We put all the latest trucks through a battery of tests. 0-60 MPH acceleration runs are a part of it. We use a SoloDL and/or Vbox Sport gps-based devices to measure the truck’s acceleration performance with high accuracy. We perform all of our testing at approximately 1 mile (5,280 feet) above sea level. This is “Real World Testing”. The lower air density at altitude means that combustion engines produce less power. In fact, a normally aspirated engine loses between 17-18% of its power at 1 mile above sea level.

Three environmental conditions affect horsepower. They are: barometric pressure, relative humidity, and ambient temperature. Low pressure, high humidity, and high temperatures reduce engine’s ability to make power. Of course, turbochargers and superchargers make up for some of the lost power. You can expect a normally aspirated truck to be one to two seconds slower at this elevation versus sea level. A forced induction engine is still up to one second slower.

We try to minimize other factors, such as wind, by running our tests in both directions and repeating the 0-60 MPH test four times. We make sure the engines and transmissions are at operating temperatures and tire pressures are within specs.

Drum roll…  The truck that managed the fastest 0-60 MPH time at a mile above sea level is the 2016 GMC Sierra 6.2L V8 crew cab 2WD with the maximum towing package that includes a 3.42 rear axle ratio. It completed the run at an impressive 6.96 seconds. It’s even more impressive because it’s a normally aspirated engine performing this way at altitude.

Here are the Top 3.

Year Make Model 0-60 MPH (sec)  
2016 GMC Sierra CrewCab 2×4 6.2L 6.96
2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab 4×4 2.7L 6.99
2015 Chevrolet Silverado DoubleCab 4×4 6.2L 7.46

The fastest truck we have ever tested 0-60 MPH is in this Mashup video.