Jeep Wrangler-based Pickup Confirmed for 2017

A few days ago we posted an article to regarding some rumors that Jeep CEO, Michael Manly, made some unofficial comments confirming the world will, in fact, be seeing a Jeep Wrangler-based pickup. It appears fantasy has become a reality, as the rumors have since been confirmed. Near the end of 2017 we will finally see a Jeep pickup based on the next generation Wrangler.


So far, besides being based on the next-gen Wrangler, we know two things about the new pickup: it will be built in Toledo, OH, and it will utilize aluminum, just as the next Wrangler will. Although the company has built pickups before, this will be the first one based on the Wrangler. While conversion kits have been available for Wrangler owners to make their own pickup for quite some time now, a factory-built vehicle typically trumps aftermarket products in terms of fit and finish. We expect Jeep will sell the new pickups just as fast as it can build them… especially if it stays true to the Gladiator concept vehicle shown here.


No other details have yet been announced, but we’re guessing that in addition to the two-door configuration shown above, the pickup will also be offered with four doors, similar to the Wrangler Unlimited. Pricing will likely start in the mid to upper-20s, climbing to the upper-30s as you step up in trim levels.

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