Challenges of Extreme Cold: Testing the Ford Super Duty Far Below Freezing [Video]

2017 ford super duty aluminum cold testing air force englin florida
Ford Super Duty

Northern United States and Canada (as well as many other regions) see extreme cold temperatures over the winter months. It’s not uncommon for Colorado to see temperatures below 0F. The high altitudes of the Rocky Mountain can get well below zero degrees. TFL has filmed our snow reviews between -3F and -7F before. What happens when temperatures go below -20F? This is when it’s critically important for your truck or any vehicle to be a reliable and warm refuge.

Ford goes to the McKinley Climatic Lab at Eglin Air Force base in Florida for extreme cold temperature testing. Ford tests a variety of models (Ford Explorer and Ford Focus were also on hand) in the lab. However, the Power Stroke turbo-diesel is the focus of this episode. Diesel fuel starts to gel at cold temperatures and it’s critical to keep the system warm and enable cold starts. Customers in extreme environments run their vehicles 24 hours per day. This is another critical test. Can the engine and the emissions control system handle extended periods of idle time?

Florida? The Climatic Lab was conceived and developed during WWII to study affects of cold temperatures on war planes. And this space can rented for vehicle testing as well. This lab also has chambers for altitude testing. It can recreate snow or sand storms and many other weather conditions.

Watch the full video for all the details, but try not to get cold.