BELAZ 75710 Claims World’s Biggest and Heaviest Dump Truck Title

2015 Belaz 75710 is biggest and heaviest mining dump truck in the world, can lift 450 tonnes
BELAZ 75710

What is the biggest and heaviest truck in the world? This BELAZ 75710 is the mining dump truck that claims to be just that. If you think your lifted dually pickup is big, then check the statistics on this goliathan earth mover. It’s 67.5 feet long, 26.7 feet high, and 32.4 feet wide. BELAZ is proud to say that the 75710 fits into service bays and mining roads meant for lesser mining trucks. However, this beast is meant to carry a maximum 450 metric tons of payload. This converts to 992,080 pounds of payload. Yep, nearly one million pounds.

The truck is also high on innovation and technology. It features two turbo-diesel generators that create electricity for the four electric motors that provide propulsion. There is one motor for each dually wheel, creating the ultimate 4×4 all setup. The empty operating weight of this beast is 360 metric tons. So, there is plenty of traction in any condition. Just hope the earth holds beneath it.


All numbers boggle the mind. Each turbo-diesel engine is a massive 65-liter V16 that chucks out 2,300 horsepower and 6,868 lb-ft of torque @ 1,500 rpm. Total fuel consumption is 198 grams per 1 kWh of energy. If my calculation is correct, that is almost 104 gallons of diesel consumed per hour of operation at full power (for each engine). The good news is, the truck is able to shut down one of the diesel power plants under light load to conserve fuel. So the BELAZ has “cylinder deactivation”.


If you are worried about maneuvering this beast, there is no cause for concern. If you have a mining truck license, you can still drive the 75710. Additionally, it has four-wheel steering. Turning diameter is 147.6 feet. That’s not too bad, considering the thing is almost 68 feet long.

We thought that the 14 metric tons (nearly 31,000 lbs) Gross Combined weight of the Ike Gauntlet Dually HD was heavy. The BELAZ 75710 GCWR is 810 metric tons or 1,785,744 pounds.

Take a look at this promotional video, produced by BELAZ.