Semi Trucks to Get Adaptive Cruise, Brake Assist, and Lane Departure Warning [Preview]

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Freightliner is teaming up with Demand Detroit to provide additional safety for the big rigs the new integrated Detroit Assurance system. The big semi trucks will utilize a system with the same technology that you already know from your luxury sedans and latest pickup trucks.

Yep, this system uses a front bumper-mounted radar to allow for advanced collision warning, partial or full brake assist, and adaptive cruise control. The optional forward looking camera can be added for lane departure warning. This should make a trucker’s life easier and safer. Of course, the driver is still in control, but these systems are designed to provide advanced warning and also assist in accident avoidance.

If the radar detects a slower vehicle in front, it will alert the driver with an audible and visual warnings. If the driver does not respond and the vehicle in front is getting closer, the system will apply partial brakes. If the collision is imminent, then the system will use the transmission (if automatic) and full braking power to slow down the truck.

Of course, adaptive cruise is the other benefit. Simply set the speed and distance parameters and let the system adjust accordingly. Demand Detroit does not specify what happens if the closing speed it too great. The system used in family sedan work only if the speed differential is less than 30 MPH. If you are approaching another vehicle or object at a greater speed, the system may not engage.

The lane departure warning (LDW) alerts the driver if the highway lane markers are crossed without the use of the blinker. LDW can be disabled with a switch, but it will turn itself back on after 15 minutes and above 47 MPH.

The system is said to be used on Freightliner Cascadia and Cascadia Evolution over the road long-distance trucks.

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