Repacking Trailer Bearings – Redneck Pro Style [Video]


Keeping your pickup in good working order is not the only job that many trucker must do. If you own a trailer and do any regular towing, then you also have to keep up on trailer maintenance. This includes checking and repacking your wheel bearings. It’s greasy and unpleasant job, but somebody has to do it.


If you don’t, then several bad things can happen. If you use your trailer casually (like going to the lake with your boat once in a while), then neglected bearings that don’t have much grease can start to rust. This will cause them to overheat the next time you use the trailer. The bearing will fall apart and this can cause you to lose a wheel and/or damage the axle spindle. This is very dangerous for you and people around you. It also leads to a costly repair down the line as you may have to replace the entire axle assembly.


TFLtruck and Mr. Truck are all about safety. Also, accurate and safe Ike Gauntlet towing test results depend on a properly maintained trailer. We cannot have additional drag on a trailer wheel or grabby (not properly working) trailer brakes. So regular bearing maintenance is part of the job.


Watch this detailed TFLtruck bearing packing video as Mr. Truck – Kent Sundling – shows how to properly repack trailer bearings and keep your rig safely and comfortably rolling down the highway.