Ford Introduces All-Electric F-150

Ford F-150

Ford unveiled an all-electric F-150 this morning during it’s annual Trend Conference in Detroit. The new F-150 is a partnership with Mattel and will give aspiring drivers a chance to get behind the wheel of a smaller version of a truck they’ll be driving in the future.

They first showed off the prototype of the Mattel Ford F-150 last week, covered in camouflage so as to hide it from prying journalistic eyes.

Now the wraps are off and a bright blue Mattel Ford F-150 rolled out on stage with a happy driver behind the wheel and a grand presentation that rivaled the reveal of the grown-up version of the truck at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year.

When asked about the horsepower rating and other vehicle specs, Ford’s Mark Levine declined to comment, saying details would be released later in the year.

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