Finally, Detroit Three Adopt Common Towing Standard For 2015


General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler Group have finally decided to adopt a common towing standard in 2015 after years of having no real way for consumers to accurately compare the towing claims of each manufacturer.

This won’t entirely end the problem of what TFLtruck calls the Magic Towing Dust used to increase a truck’s towing rating without any change to the vehicle because the standard is being adopted solely for light-duty trucks. Heavy-duty pick-ups will still be using the Magic Towing Dust rating method and there are no plans for any standardized ratings system.

The standard being adopted is SAE J2807 which was first introduced back in 2009 by the Society of Automotive Engineers and consists of specific towing tests to rate vehicles. J2807 was supposed to apply to 2013 model year trucks, but that changed when Ford decided to hold-off when it would have reduced the capacity of its 2013 F-150. Other manufacturers followed their lead which resulted in the two-year delay.

Even though two years have gone by, it’s still likely that J2807 could reduce towing capacities by several hundred pounds. That’s why no one wants to be the only one adhering to J2807. If they all do it at once, then they all take the hit at once so no single manufacturer suddenly stands out ahead of the pack simply for not following the standard.

Currently, only Toyota adheres to SAE J2807 standards which it first applied to its trucks back in 2011, even though it dropped the rating on the Toyota Tundra by 400 pounds. Nissan is adopting the standard as its vehicles are redesigned, already applying them to the 2013 Nissan Pathfinder with the redesigned Nissan Titan due in 2015.

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(via Automotive News)

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