Chicago: Nissan Frontier goes Diesel with Cummins

2015 nissan frontier diesel runner chicago

The upcoming Nissan Titan is not the only truck to get Cummins turbo diesel power.  This Nissan Frontier Diesel Runner concept truck just came out at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, and it has Cummins power under the hood.  This time – it’s a 2.8-liter four cylinder capable of “nearly 200 horsepower, more than 350 lb-ft of torque” according to Nissan.   The company also predicts this powerful diesel will provide a 35% improvement in fuel economy over the current 4.0L gasoline V6.  It calculated to approximately 29 MPG on the highway in the 2WD model.

2015 Nissan Frontier

It’s being shown as a concept, but this is a clear indication that Nissan is serious about the future of the Frontier midsize truck.  It’s a clear response to GM’s announcement that Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon will also get diesel power for 2016 model year.  Now – the race is on.  Who will be the first to bring a diesel to the smaller pickups?  And how will Toyota respond to this, if at all?

2015 nissan frontier diesel runner

TFLtruck is in Chicago and the video debut is coming soon.

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