Video: A day in the Life of an Independent Car Transporter

2011 ford f-450 car hauler transwerks

Tens of thousands of cars move across the United States every day. Some are new, some are used, and some are even damaged. This is a job done by an army of truckers that transport cars. These car transporters work for large transportation companies, auto manufacturers, or just for themselves.  TFLtruck introduces you to Michael Ebert of Transwerks LLC.  Mike is a young and independent car transporter that was kind enough to share a day in his life to show you what it is like to be one of the many truckers that move cars across the United States.

ford f-450 car hauler trailer loading

Michael’s towing rig of choice is a 2011 Ford F-450 SuperCrew 4×4 King Ranch.  Behind is a triple axle double deck trailer, which is capable of carrying four large size vehicles or five small ones.  This trailer has a hydraulic upper deck, which lowers on a pivot to accept cars.

This 2011 F-450 has nearly 200,000 miles of very heavy towing under its belt.  Watch this video to learn more about what it’s like to be a car transporter, and how this Ford is handling this touch job.