RIP Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab AND the Toyota Tacoma X-Runner


Officially, only the Toyota X-Runner is slated to be discontinued from Toyota’s fleet. Unofficially, the Toyota Tacoma regular cab will be discontinued too. Toyota will not update the Tacoma X-Runner for 2014. There are options with the SR pre-runner and 4WD package that will allow customers to get a close approximation of the Tacoma X-Runner, but the name and trim go away.


There is no official word on the Toyota Tacoma regular cab, but the guys at Truck Trend got the scoop on some inside details. Sales for the Toyota Tacoma regular cab have been slow and despite success as a fleet vehicle, there’s not much interest for the Toyota Tacoma regular cab.

Expect it to disappear at the end of the 2014 model year.

This will end regular cab small pickups in the United States. No other automaker offers one. Proof again that, even though the Tacoma and Nissan Frontier sell well in the USA, the market is fickle.

People truly do like an economical pickup truck, or – at least, they like the idea of an economical pickup truck. Once you turn a small truck into a family hauler, commuter and tow-rig, you’re pulling down your efficiency. In some cases, small pickups are nearly even with some full-size pickup trucks in terms of mpg.


As for the Toyota Tacoma X-Runner, we may see a new version or variant come from Toyota when/if they ever get around to redesigning the Tacoma.

The Fast Lane Car/ The Fast Lane Truck is going to cover the newest Toyota Tundra press event very soon. We’ll ask Toyota about an official comment, or a prediction as to what we can expect in the next Tacoma. Who knows? We might get some information.

For now, enjoy this TFLTruck video featuring the 2013 Toyota Tundra.

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