Yes, You Can *Still* Buy a 2024 Ram 1500 Classic

Sure, it's only been around since 2008...but Ram's still offering its old-school truck for another year

Ram 1500 Classic
(Images: Stellantis | Ram)

Even as the latest-generation Ram 1500 is due for its own refresh, the Classic keeps going…and going.

Much like a certain bunny, the now-15-year-old Ram 1500 Classic keeps on chugging into the 2024 model year. The DS generation of Ram’s half-ton pickup isn’t just about old enough to qualify for its own driver’s license, but it in fact existed at a time when we still called it a Dodge truck (not that a lot of folks ever quit doing that…but it’s technically just been a “Ram” since 2010). While you can’t quite build and price your own on the Ram Trucks configurator just yet, Ram did indeed confirm to various outlets that the 1500 Classic will live on for yet another year.

Even though some nostalgic or budget-minded folks will still be able to take the Classic route, the picture isn’t as rosy as it’s been the past couple years. Fewer options are reportedly on the docket for 2024, and with the revamped DS-generation Ram 1500 on the near horizon, this may be the last year for the old school truck. Like before, the 2024 Ram 1500 Classic still comes with the 305-horsepower 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 as standard. If you want the 395-horsepower, 5.7-liter Hemi V8 (and you do…trust us on that one), that will cost you an extra $2,495.

Here’s the rub, however: Reports like this one from Car and Driver suggest the entry price will rise considerably from the 2023 Ram 1500 Classic. Fundamentally, two trims are still available for 2024: the workhorse Tradesman and the Warlock. A narrower band of cab configurations means the baseline MSRP may start around $40,700 including a $1,995 destination fee, while the Quad Cab, 6-foot-4-box Warlock costs roughly the same at $45,430.

With the Tradesman kicking off $6,460 higher than the outgoing 2023 model, the Ram 1500 Classic is only $715 less expensive than the current-gen Ram 1500 Tradesman — to say nothing of the strong incentives currently available on the new trucks (Ram is offering $4,500 customer cash in early 2024 on new models, as part of its “Start Something New” sales event). Arguably, the Warlock offers a better value incentive, depending on how you spec it.

So, there’s a couple different ways to look at the 2024 Ram 1500 Classic. It’s either a case of “get it while you still can”, and Ram seems to be catering to those folks still wanting the old school truck…or it’s more like “good riddance”, as the new truck is more or less at price parity, and it’s likely you can even get the new-generation truck cheaper than the old Classic. Either way, 2025 is shaping up to bring some big changes…including on price, where the refreshed Ram 1500 will reportedly cost anywhere between $42,270 (not too bad) and $89,150 for the Tungsten (I’m sorry, I need to go lie down now).