News: 2024 Ram ProMaster Electric Van Comes to the U.S. To Compete Against Ford, Rivian, GM, and Mercedes

Specs are impressive, but we still don't have a price.

2024 Ram ProMaster EV delivery cargo van

The 2024 Ram ProMaster EV is finally coming to the U.S. We originally expected it to be available in 2023 as Ram communicated. Fleet customers can now order the new ProMaster EV delivery van with sliding doors. The traditional electric cargo van is coming a little later. The wait has been worth it because the new ProMaster EV has some impressive specs.

2024 Ram ProMaster EV

The relatively large 110 kWh battery allows for up to 162 miles of driving range, according to Ram’s estimates. This ranger estimate is currently best in class. There are several fast charging options available that range from more affordable and slowish 50 kW to 85 kW, 125 kW, or 150 kW charging rates.

The ProMaster EV Delivery van that is coming first will have up to 2,030 lbs of available payload. If more payload is needed – the cargo version of the EV van will offer up to 3,020 lbs of payload. This is a great capability number, but it’s a little less than what’s available from the Ford E-Transit. These ProMaster EV vans are based on a 159-inch wheelbase.

This electrified van segment is heating up. Ford E-Transit has been on sale for some time, and it sees increased demand. GM’s BrightDrop van recently went on sale. Rivian has been supplying Amazon electric vans for some time, and Rivian is now expanding the availability of these vans to more customers. Mercedes eSprinter van is coming to the U.S. market this year as well. Startup companies such as Canoo are attempting to enter the commercial van segment.

The new Ram ProMaster EV also delivers a powerful Front-Wheel-Drive punch with an estimated 268 horsepower and 302 lb-ft of torque.

We now know a lot about the new electrified ProMaster. The great thing is that it retains all of its useful cargo volume and most of its weight-carrying capability. Visually, you will not be able to differentiate an electric ProMaster from its internal combustion counterparts.

The new 2024 Ram ProMaster EV pricing starts at $79,990 (including a $1,995 destination charge). This price is high, but it is competitive. The new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter starts at $71,886. The Rivian 500 Delivery van starts at $83,500.

Ram ProMaster EVFord E-Ttransit Long EL HMercedes eSprinter
Cargo487 cu-ft487.3 cu-ft488 cu-ft
Payloadup to 3,020 lbs3,330 lbs2,624 lbs
GVWR9,500 lbs9,370 lbs
GCWR11,023 lbs
Range (manuf.)162 miles103 milesn/a
Chargingup to 150 kWup to 115 kW115 kW
Battery110 kWh68 kWh113 kWh
Real World Effic.2.4 mi / kWh (TFLtruck)2.6 mi / kWh (Mercedes)
Wheelbase159 inch148 inch170 inch
Height110.4 inch107.1 inch
Length263.9 inch280.0 inch
Power268 hp266 hp134 hp or 201 hp (+$3,430)
Torque302 lb-ft317 lb-ft290 lb-ft
Price$79,990$59,720$71,886 (base)

We have not test-driven any Ram ProMaster in a long time, but we recently tested a Ford E-Transit van. Here is just one video that features the new electric Ford van.