2024 Lincoln Navigator Goes 4×4 Only, Ditching RWD Options

(Images: Lincoln)

The 2024 Lincoln Navigator will only be available as a 4×4 model.

If you’ve been shopping for a new SUV over the past couple years, you may have noted a curious omission from some models. Automakers are ditching two-wheel drive variants in favor of all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive-only lineups, and that is now the case with the 2024 Lincoln Navigator. Like the updated Nautilus, Lincoln confirmed to Cars Direct the upcoming model year Navigator will only be available with four-wheel drive.

Of course, that means every 2024 Lincoln Navigator now gets at least a bit more expensive, since it’s 4×4 or nothing. Losing the rear-wheel drive variant aside, though, the Navigator will reportedly get only a marginal price bump.

After Lincoln’s $1,895 destination charge, the Navigator will now start at $84,660 for the base (or “Standard”) trim. Taking into account the $3,000 upcharge for the 4×4 option, the mid-spec Reserve should come in around $97,000. The Black Label, which is already 4×4-only, may see a modest price increase from the 2023 model’s $111,150 MSRP.

That $84,660 MSRP for the base model puts it slightly lower then the equivalent Cadillac Escalade Luxury, and right in between the top-speed Jeep Wagoneer ($77,200) and the base Grand Wagoneer Series I ($92,945). Lincoln’s European rivals come in slightly lower, with the Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 starting at $82,950 and the BMW X7 xDrive40i starting at $82,895.

Apart from the price changes, the 2024 Lincoln Navigator is the same as before. That’s not terribly surprising, since we should get a brand-new Navigator for 2025.