Sales Report: Toyota Tacoma and the Honda Ridgeline Continue Their Success in April 2023

Ford Maverick falls down in sales...

2023 toyota tacoma april sales report

A new teaser for the all-new 2024 Toyota Tacoma seems to drop every other day, but the current 2023 Tacoma is still enjoying huge sales increases. It’s still crushing it. Take a look at the month of April 2023. Tacoma grew its sales by 20.2% in the United States when compared to last year.

The Honda Ridgeline is growing in sales even quicker. The Ridgeline continues to outsell the Ford Ranger in the U.S. in April. We know that the U.S.-spec 2024 Ford Ranger will make its official debut very soon, so this order may change later this year.

General Motors, Nissan, and Jeep have not reported sales numbers for April. Most companies are reporting sales on a quarterly basis.

April 2023 Mid-size Truck Sales

ModelApr 2023Apr 2022Change (%)YTD 2023YTD 2022
Toyota Tacoma21,45417,84220.2%75,03771,024
Honda Ridgeline4,9033,64034.7%17,82112,829
Ford Ranger4,2015,110-17.8%15,70122,749
– GM (COMBINED)– (coming in July)
Chevy Colorado– (coming in July)
Jeep Gladiator– (coming in July)
GMC Canyon– (coming in July)
Nissan Frontier– (coming in July)

Toyota and Ford figures come courtesy of Good Car Bad Car an automotive sales data and statistics site.

Let’s take a look at the compact pickup truck segment as well. The Ford Maverick sees a significant sales decrease in April 2023, but it is nearly in line with 2022 when you look at the Year-To-Date (YTD) numbers. We will be watching this space very closely.

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is still very well. This compact pickup continues to grow sales, but it’s still far behind Maverick numbers.

ModelApr 2023Apr 2022Change (%)YTD 2023YTD 2022
Ford Maverick6,5839,537-31.0%28,06128,782
Hyundai Santa Cruz3,5903,15014.0%12,89711,550