Video: Roamer1 Is the Toughest & Most Advanced Off-road and Off-grid Camping Trailer You Can Buy Today

2023 ford f-150 raptor r roamer1 overland camping trailer
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The Roamer1 camping trailer by ROA Off-Road is the toughest and most advanced off-road and off-grid camping trailer you can buy today. Here is what it offers.

What if there was an Australian-style trailer built in the United States for American-style camping? ROA Off-Road says there are three elements that make a trailer off-road capable: great and capable suspension, articulating hitch, and lockable cabinetry and storage solutions inside.

Check out trailer offerings from ROA Off-Road to see several different off-road-ready camping trailers.

The Roamer1 is at the top of the food chain. It’s one of the most spacious and offers the best accommodations. Inside, there is a large bed in the front. There is a large dinette that converts into an extra bed. The kitchen includes a double sink, induction cooktop, and lots of storage. All drawers and cabinet doors have lockable latches. There is a refrigerator and a full bathroom in the rear of the trailer.

The Roamer1 has up to 1,080 Ah of Lithium battery capacity (that translates to nearly 13 kWh of capacity). The entire roof of the trailer is covered with solar panels. There are up to 1,200 watts of solar generating power – this is an industry-leading amount of solar capacity.

This trailer is riding on a height-adjustable air suspension. It is a pleasure to tow. The air suspension offers more ground clearance while off-road and it can help with leveling the trailer for the night.

Indeed, this trailer has a 3D articulating hitch so that the truck and trailer don’t get into a bind when negotiating tougher off-road obstacles.