Well, That Was Fast: Initial Ram 1500 REV Preorders Have Already Closed

The "Ram REV Insider+" program let a limited number of interested folks put their names down for an electric truck

(Images: Stellantis | Ram)

Want to get your name down for a Ram 1500 REV? You’ll have to wait a bit.

It’s been just over a week since Ram revealed the production version of its forthcoming electric truck. With its 60-second Super Bowl announcement, the automaker opened up preorders for the REV, available for a $100 deposit through a program called “Ram Rev Insider+”. Now, if you head over to the website to put your name on the list, you’ll be met with a message saying preorders are already closed. You can still but your name and email on a notification list, but you can no longer jump into the early reservation queue.

“Due to high demand, the Ram REV Insider+ membership is now closed,” the website says. “You can still be the first to know when the doors open up again.”

At time of writing, Ram has not disclosed how many slots were available through this program in the first place. Stellantis typically does get around to announcing those figures with huge marketing fanfare, so it’s likely we’ll have an idea soon enough. It may be awhile before the next round of preorders opens up, but we’ll have to wait and see.

As it stands, we still have nearly 18 months before the all-electric Ram 1500 REV technically goes “on sale”.

We’re talking model year 2025 here before this truck arrives. Bear in mind, these are extremely early preorders from what the automaker excitedly calls “Ram enthusiasts”. Whether these early spots in the line will convert to finished orders remains a mystery, but it stands to reason a fair number of people are looking to give the REV a try.

Can Ram build and maintain the hype train leading up to the Q4 2024 launch? We’ll have to wait and see, though we already know it faces stiff competition. Not only could Ford be readying a next-generation F-150 Lightning by then, but General Motors will launch both the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the GMC Sierra EV light-duty trucks. We will (probably) have the Tesla Cybertruck as well, since it’s supposed to launch sometime this year, after being delayed several times since its 2019 debut.

Even being late to the party, Ram insists it heeded customer feedback and will bring a competitive edge to the market. Electric trucks generally face strong headwinds among long-time truck owners, so part of Ram’s ultimate success here will be executing on its promises until this point, effectively convincing folks that they don’t have to make ungodly compromises to accommodate an EV over an oil burner.

Hopefully, the doctor writes plenty of prescriptions for premature electrification. Thanks to the Ram 1500 Revolution Forum for alerting folks to the REV’s preorder status.