The Kia Mojave Pickup Truck Is Spied Again – Would You Like It to Come to the U.S.?

Could it challenge the Ranger, Colorado, and Tacoma?

2025 kia mojave pickup truck ute australia prototype midsize tacoma

Take a look at the latest images of what appears to be the upcoming Kia Mojave pickup truck. We expect it to come to the Australian and other world markets, but should Kia also bring it to the United States? This prototype is referred to as Kia Mojave, but the actual production name may be different.

These images come to us from – check them out for more information.

Kia already offers a small commercial pickup truck or truck overseas. It’s called – the Bongo. However, a larger and more capable pickup truck or ute is needed.

kia bongo commercial pickup truck
Kia Bongo – image: Destin Raybun

The prototype images show a larger pickup truck about the same size as a Toyota Tacoma, a Chevy Colorado, or a bit larger. Some prototype images even show a solid rear axle under it. The solid rear axle may be there for additional payload capacity for the Australian and other world markets.

kia mojave pickup truck headlights
Kia Mojave

What do you think? Should Kia bring a capable midsize pickup truck to the U.S.? I think it can be very competitive if it’s one of the larger midsize pickup trucks with a payload of around 1,500 lbs and a towing capacity of around 7,500 lbs. It can retain a solid rear axle or offer independent rear suspension. Since Kia has promised at least two future EV pickup trucks – it may also be all-electric.