Video: We Got the Most BADASS Trucks of Them All! Can You Guess What It Is?

Image: TFLtruck

Yes, without a doubt the Unimog is one of the most BADASS trucks ever, especially if you go off-road… and we got one!

Man, this thing looks (and IS) one of the most badass trucks. The Mercedes-Benz (among other former owners) Unimog is an industrial-biased, tough-as-nails truck that is meant to tackle the hardest tasks. Since the late 1940s, the Unimog was built to be a platform that professionals could use on most dry surfaces on earth. Among many jobs the Unimog have undertaken, the beefy rig has worked on farms, for cities/towns, in armies and most industries overseas. Some Unimogs have made it stateside, but they never quite caught on like they have everywhere else.

Over the past few decades, adventurers, overlanders and off-road enthusiasts have found ways to procure the Unimog. One of the biggest collectors/owners of Unimogs we know is our friend Jay Couch. His company repairs and retrofits custom components to Unimogs – tailored to the owner’s requirements. He owns over 50 on his expansive property – which is east of Denver, Colorado.

“Couch Off-Road Engineering is the first and last stop for all of your 4WD and off-road needs. Our expertise and experience gives us an edge when taking on any project. The owner, Jay Couch, embodies the essence of the Unimog itself. “Freedom to negotiate any terrain and tackle any task,” is a motto in his work. Tenacity and versatility put Couch and the Unimog in a league of their own.”

C.O.R.E Couch Off-Road Engineering

Check out Couch Off-Road Engineering’s website (here).

In this video, we spotlight Jay’s business as we take delivery of a Unimog loaner. Over the next several months, we will use it as a recovery vehicle at Tumbleweed Ranch, test its capabilities and have a ball. You guys are pretty lucky too: as Andre gets a “crash” course in driving the Unimog. His expressions alone are worth the price of admission.

Check out the video, and you’ll get some serious details about this badass rig!

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