Video: The Electric Ford F-150 Takes On a Ram TRX In a Drag Race and Loses! EV vs Hellcat vs TRX Tyrant

Let's see the 787-HP Ram TRX go!

2023 ram trx ford f-150 lightning tyrant granger motors drag race

It’s time to put the new 2023 Ram TRX Tyrant on a 1/4-mile drag race treace and see how it stacks up against a stock Ram TRX, a Ford F-150 Lightning ER, and a new TRX Tyrant 37 in the real world!

What is the new TRX Tyrant? It’s a performance package that Granger Motors and Nth Moto put together over the last several months. Granger Motors is the No.1 TRX dealer in America. They are located in Granger Iowa (near Des Moines).

The goal of the TRX Tyrant is to create an OEM quality increased power package that has everyday drivability and stock-TRX beating acceleration. The guys at Granger Motors are shooting to make this their own TRX “Redeye” truck. Redeye is a designation that Dodge uses for their high-performance Hellcat-powered cars. The TRX Tyrant has a claimed 787 horsepower at the crank (versus 702 horsepower from a stock TRX). The TRX Tyrant torque output goes from 650 lb-ft to 702 lb-ft.

The Tyrant uses a 3.17-inch supercharger pulley, belt, upgraded fuel injectors, upgraded spark plugs, a 180F degree thermostat, catch can system, and customized engine and transmission tuning by Nth-Moto. The transmission, suspension, and exhaust systems remain in stock form. This is not an easy installation job because the supercharger has to be lifted off the engine to replace injectors and spark plugs.

In this video, the guys and gals at Granger Motors provide three new Ram TRX trucks and a new Ford F-150 Lightning ER (Extended Range). I take this opportunity to first drag race a fully stock Ram TRX against the F-150 Lightning. We already did this drag race in Colorado a few weeks ago, and the Lightning EV truck came out on top. Now, it’s time for the TRX to have a rematch closer to sea level (around 770 feet above sea level – versus 5,300 feet above sea level).

The stock TRX is able to put the power to the track surface in a more efficient way, and the 580-horsepower Lightning is never able to catch up. The TRX has its revenge!

Next up is the TRX Tyrant versus the stock TRX. There is no question. The Tyrant is able to launch better than a stock TRX, and then it just keeps out accelerating the stock truck all the way down the 1/4-mile. The track surface we use for this video is not fully prepared. The Tyrant truck ends up spinning its tires off the line no matter how many times we try and who the driver is. The result is that we were not able to see a sub-12-second 1/4-mile time during this outing. However, you can watch the Tyrant out-accelerate the stock TRX with authority.

Finally, it’s time to drag race a TRX Tyrant against its slightly taller brother – the Tyrant 37. The 37 package gives the truck a front suspension leveling kit, 20-inch wheels, 37-inch all-terrain tires (Falkens in this case), power running boards, and more. The Tyrant 37 has the same 787 HP power upgrade as the “standard” Tyrant. The larger wheels and tires weigh much more than the stop 35s. In this video, you can see how both of these trucks launch and how quick the heavier Tyrant 37 actually is. I am surprised the Tyrant 37 is not significantly slower than the Tyrant on 35.

The base Tyrant package has a retail price of $7,995 in addition to the price of a TRX. The Tyrant 37 can be had for $14,995. Join the video below for the silly drag-racing fun. These prices include a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty.